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Soothing Effect of Puppies’ Pictures »

Yorkie, Chihuahua, beagle, Danes, retriever or whatever dog breed or mixed breed, we all adore puppies. There is nothing cuter than a good picture of a puppy. Whatever look or position they are in the picture, they will just melt your heart. With their cute eyes as if they long to be cuddle and their heavenly glow like that of an angel, they are purely magical. Every thing about them is very innocent and relaxed. Puppies are really great for animal picture.
Other than he joy looking at picture of puppies bring, it can also remove stress. Yes, picture of puppies can release tension, making you smile and brightens your day. After a tiring day of work, try looking at pictures of puppy and you will definitely be relaxed. To bring with you the soothing it gives you can have pictures of puppies in your desktop or make it as wallpaper.


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Guinness’ Dogs »

Dogs can grow up really big up to 36 inches. Some of the dog breeds that will likely grow big are Great Danes. Old English Mastiff and Irish Wolf Hound. Some of these breeds have held titles in the Guinness as the tallest, biggest and heaviest dog. Having a big dog is no joke; it needs big space and don’t forget the food plus the though of them getting sick, quite costly indeed. But for sure, their pet owners are very proud of them.

The latest tallest dog in the Guinness is the Great Dane Gibson. He actually holds the title since 2004.Gibson lives in Sacramento, California with his owner Sandy Hall. He has a black and white color combination in his coat.  He measures 107 cm and stands 7 –feet tall when upright, taller than NBA players? Despite his gigantic height, Gibson has a soft heart; he is a therapy dog who regularly visits children’s hospital.

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Communicating With Dogs »

 Dogs are not at all times the sweet, loving dog they are. No matter how we feed them, the clothes we put on them, they will remain and act like dogs. One day they might suddenly burst out and be so unlike the dog we often cuddle. Despite that, we should always treat them well. Communicating with them effectively is the key to prevent unnecessary behaviors in the future.

Dog whisper is a method use in communicating with your dog with the purpose of controlling his behavior. In this method the dog pet owner shows to his dog that he is the leader and that as a pet owner it is your desire that your dog obey you. Through dog whisper, the pet owner understands his dog; what makes him respond or follow you as their owner. The dog communicates to his pet owner through his body language, thus you will know if the action pleases the dogs or agitates him more.

Being able to effectively communicate with your dog while they are still young can help make any type of training easier and much more effective. If you trained well your dog, just by the way you look at them, by the tone of your voice and the way you stand they will know that you mean business and that you are his owner and that your pet should obey you. All of these can be taught to your dog without even touching them or worst hurt them.

There are different methods used in controlling the dogs; some goes for the harsh way of yelling to the dogs, pulling their collars or using electric choke while other choose the reward system as the best way in making dogs obey. No matter what the situation is; the dog is aggregated or made a mess due to their playfulness dogs should be treated with respect, after all they are just like us – creation as well.

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The Great Danes Breed »

Great Danes puppies originated from Germany, they are working breeds that serves well as watch or guard dog and good jogging companion. They can weight up to 120 lbs and stands up to 30 inches which makes them the second tallest dog breed. Their colors may vary from brindle, black-masked fawn, blue, black, harlequin. They have coat that is very short and thick coat that has a shiny look. Despite the big built which can be oftentimes intimidating, Great Danes are very sweet, affectionate and playful.

Great Danes puppies should have obedience training immediately so that they will be well mannered as they grow.  If trained well, Great Danes puppies will grow up to be dependable and responsible breed. They do not need a lot of grooming and bathing since they are clean puppies even when they grow. They need to have a regular exercise like daily walking and playing with other puppies for socialization to avoid aggression. They hate to be left alone, they become sad when their pet owner constantly left them alone. Like us, they also long for companionship.

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Quality, Fashionable And Affordable Small Dog Clothes »

Pet owners often thought dogs are fine even without dog clothes. Dog clothes are not only for fashion it actually protect your doogie from harsh weather especially during the cold seasons. Small dogs like Chihuahua, Yorkie and Maltese especially needs it because of their petite feature they can easily shiver in the cold weather. Other than that, they simply look good when dressed up.

In buying for dog clothes, weather is the very first consideration we have to take. If it is cold weather, sweater, coats and thick clothes are what they need. If it is a warm weather shirts will just be fine and a little fashion to style with. If your small dogs have to go to a party, there are costume dog clothes available as well.  One would though that these small dog clothes might be expensive, they might be but there are dog clothes store that sells fashionable small dog clothes at a reasonable price.

Little Pampered Pets have quality, fashionable and affordable small dog clothes. Visit their site and see their inventory of small dog clothes and choose that will suit your little doggie. You can place order on their secure site, your order will be delivered to you within 2 to 3 days. If there is something wrong with the product you order you can return it to them and ask for replacement. They accept payment made through credit cards.  Like you, they also want your small pet to look good wearing their small clothes.

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Human Names For Dogs »

Finding dog’s name can be a lot of fun and easy. There are many sites and books that have list of popular dog’s name pet owner would want to give his or her pet. It is easy because there are many resources; the hard part is because there are many samples one would be confuse as to what he will choose for his pet. Many pet owners choose those popular dog names since it is popular but other than that those names actually have meaning and maybe they thought that it does actually suits their dog.

Popular dog names as you would notice are human names. It must be the fact that pet owners treat their dogs as a part of their family. Though there are of course disadvantage on it; you might just heard your name being called to a dog. It seems funny, but kids will be annoyed if they heard their name being called to a dog. Some of the most popular dog names are Max, Maggie, Lucy, Sam, Lucky, Princess, Rocky, Buddy, Daisy and Buster. If you ask a child to name your dog, they would likely choose those Disney characters such as Daisy or Mickey, Scooby and the list go on.

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Under The Sea »

The land may be a big home for humans but the ocean is the largest home for all living things. If human and other animals can just live on ocean, we all can still fit there. Covering three quarters of the earth’s surface, ocean is indeed very large containing strange and charming creatures. From the largest creature on earth – blue whale to the smallest plankton; they all live in the ocean. Animals who live here have unique features and characteristics.  Some are long while others are short, some colorful while others are just plain, others remain all day in their position while some never stops swimming all day and night. I’m sure; watching them even for quite awhile will be such a great experience.

There are three groups of ocean animals: zooplankton, nekton and benthos. Zooplankton is ocean animals that cannot push themselves, depending on the wind or currency movements. They just drift in the ocean, can be small but can also grow in a large size. One of zooplankton ocean animal is the jellyfish. The second group is nekton, this group has the biggest portion of animals, and examples of this are whales, codfish, trout and many more sea mammals. The last group is benthos; these are the ocean animals that spend their whole life in the ocean bottom; lobsters, starfish, worms, snails, oysters and the likes.

Though there are many ocean animals they are actually declining due to pollution and improper fishing. There are still many areas and maybe species that are not yet discovered when it comes to ocean animals. Protecting them is vital not just for them to survive but for us humans too.

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When Dog’s Pancreas Malfunction »

Since the dogs don’t speak it’s really hard to tell what they are feeling. But one will really know if their pet dog is sick though it is hard to tell what kind of sickness they have unless brought to a vet. Pancreatitis is one of the dog sickness pet owners have to watch for. Pancreatitis in dogs is the malfunctioning of their pancreas when it becomes swollen. During this condition, the pancreas does not produce insulin and pancreatic enzymes which digest nutrients and absorbed fats.

 Middle-aged dogs are most at risk with this sickness especially those Yorkshire Terries and Schnauzers. There is no specific cause of pancreatitis but many claimed that it is from too much eating of fatty foods.  During Christmas, many dogs are diagnosed having pancreatitis, dog pets eat fatty foods through “stealing” them or theyare fed by these “human foods”. Common symptoms of pancreatitis in dogs are abdominal pain, lack of appetite, depression, dehydration, vomiting, diarrhea, fever and yellow and greasy stool.

If pet owners recognized these signs in their pets, they must stop giving their dog fatty foods and a must is bring their pet to the vet. Pancreatitis can still be cure as long as identified early. Pancreatitis if not treated earlier may trigger other disease. To avoid pancreatitis in your pet, don’t give your pet dog-fatty food; watch your pet’s diet and obesity. Pancreatitis can be life threatening and early detection of it can save the life of your pet and greater expenses in the future

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Dog Fight, It’s For Losers »

Dogs have different breeds, which enable them to serve for various kinds of work. Dogs can be a therapy dog, hunting dog, companion dog, guide dog but they are not and will never be fighting dogs. Yes, dogs of any breeds can get into fights but they can be just a playful squabbling. This is a sad reality in the life of dogs. While there are some dogs who are love, given comforts, wear designer’s dog clothes, have regular grooming and all those dog comforts there are actually dogs who spend their lives in the brutality and cruelty of their gambler pet owner.

  Watch videos of dogfights and see their dreadful conditions. I have seen one, just a short video, but was not able to finish it, just couldn’t take every thing.  Their face is full of blood and wounds they could hardly be recognized. Their legs are broken, they could hardly move, wounds are everywhere in their body, they look very miserable and yes, sadness is seen in their eyes. Worst, their life might end in just one dog fight and their pet owner will never even care to give them memorial. I can’t just imagine how such people can do that to the pet we consider our best friend, our best companion and our children’s playmates. Relationship built with pet dogs will always be priceless; they do not deserve a life of cruelty but a life full of love enough to remember their pet owner in their next life.

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Fish Hunting At Wyoming »

When it comes to hunting, Wyoming is the place to go. This state is very popular for this outdoor activity; deer hunting especially fish hunting are unforgettable at Wyoming. There are thousand of lakes and reservoirs at Wyoming where 78 fish species live and 28 of which are game fish. Many people choose Wyoming for their fish game hunt, other than the big areas for fishing, antelopes and deer are often see in these areas.

Game fish is a kind of fish that is hunt as sports recreation of anglers; it can be eaten after being caught. Fly fish is what is commonly caught in Wyoming. Other kinds of fish that can be caught are bass, crappie, sunfish, salmon, trout and other fish specie. Though fish game hunting is considered as sports recreation, one cannot just come to Wyoming and hunt from any lakes there. This is strictly regulated; one must get a license first to do so. If you will be hunting during the hunting season be sure to get a license in advance or else you will not be able to get one because it is very much limited.

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