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Dog in heat!!!! »

It is the perfect day. The afternoon heat has somewhat mellowed and there is no signs of rain. As you walk to score nearby transportation, you spot something… not so normal. Something quite natural, that perhaps you yourself have not done in weeks… months… or even years.

Two… dogs… mating.


While most of the townsfolk either giggle or let them be, you observe their pattern. First up, they are not doing the position named after them. For actual humans, it should be difficult, but for them, back against each other, they look like they are pleased. Hey, if you are living in the slums of Manila, dogs that are on the street are mostly 1/16th of their true breed.

Imagine if they let loose a Poodle with a Doberman? Could a macho dog be any gayer?

So that’s why if you’re ultra-driven to get it on then and there, you are called “dog in heat”! Dogs don’t care if you’re staring at them. Dogs have like this other dimension where they acquire bliss and tranquility whenever that moment is unmasked. Even when other stray dogs come forward and smell their butts, which are obviously connected, they wouldn’t mind.

Well, at some point… if the other dog gets rowdy the male would open his spotty gums and lash out with a Rambo-like energy to rid of the “competition”. If they lose connection then they’ll do the position named after them and then go to the position which they are comfortable in.

Of course, if the dog lashes out on a human, three worse things should surely happen: First up, they will get watered, or they will get whacked with a stick, and lastly, you could throw salt at them.

And the next scene wouldn’t sound pretty.

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Vick to the Doghouse »

He was once looked as a champion. Then he became an embarrassment.

Michael Vick is the top pick overall in the 2001 NFL Draft. The Atlanta Falcons quarterback is arguably one of the best quarterbacks ever. Owning NFL records for rushing, the 3-time Pro Bowl seemed headed to greatness.

But how can a person known for his excellent decision-making skills fumble? He was a person kids should look up to, but what on earth was he thinking?

167 million US Dollars… down the drain.

Vick is facing federal criminal prosecution for financing dog fights and executions. Alongside three of his cohorts, Bad Newz Kennels have been operating the illegal venture for six years, with no remorse to animal welfare what’s-so-ever. I guess Vick dug the idea of making living things compete. I can dig that actually, but killing the helpless animals after they lost?

Too cruel.

Now in cockfights, if a cock dies, it will serve their purpose elsewhere. Probably in a kitchen since after all, eating chickens isn’t taboo. Eating dogs meanwhile, is a crime.

Since Vick and his cohorts couldn’t think of anything better to do other than treat these dogs with hurtful disdain, they shoot the poor mutts without anguish. And because of this cruelty, a bigger price will be in Vick’s head.

After pleading guilty, the once regarded Vick will be another wasted talent who’s going to serve at least five years in the “doghouse”. As for returning to the league, the PETA will storm football organizations once they give Vick a contract. Forget a Hall of Fame citation too, as per the title; he is not capable to join the ranks of the greats.

How quickly did Vick turned from the top pick… to a classless, sick dick.

Talk about getting bit in the rear.

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Presenting the World’s Largest Dog »

At first glance Zorba sounds like an interplanetary character. Perhaps a planet or a spaceship that shoots a gazillion laser beams that can destroy planets with one massive strike.

Well, Zorba can actually destroy you with one massive strike but it can also love you.


You see, Zorba is the current holder of the World’s Largest Dog record, as proclaimed by the Guinness Book of World Records. The dog weighs 343 pounds. 343 pounds!?!? That’s like ten averaged-sized preschoolers weighed in from a sandbox, carrying their lunchboxes!

I fear for the mailman that’s working on Zorba’s block.

And imagine Zorba chasing cars? Clone him three-fold and that’s the actual scene from Jurassic Park!

And yes, I’m not making this up. You see Zorba comes from the ENGLISH MASTIFF breed. Mastiffs are said to be Britain’s oldest pooch and the name came evolved from an Anglo-Saxon word which means powerful. Mastiffs did not reach America until the late 1800’s.

However, Zorba’s breed is a head case for a bunch of diseases as mastiffs are greatly susceptible for arthritis, crippling lameness, and bloated stomach. That means he can have the ability of rhythmic farting without any notice and tearing your eyes and nose off with a colossal piece of poop!


However, It is said that these dogs are majestic known for their valor and poise. Sure, you say what’s the basis of this information? The breed has a long history of military accomplishments – at times accompanying their masters during battle trained to maul and cream unrecognized schemers. Until now the mastiffs are possessive and protective to their masters despite their thirst for blood replaced by their newfound easy-going and loving nature.

So before toying with Zorba’s masters, imagine those Schwarzenegger and Stallone movies with you as the victim.

I wonder.

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A Pet Store Experience »

There are many pet stores around and it will to continue increase, maybe you are actually considering having one. Despite the growing number of pet store in the industry there is still a lot of room for unique pet stores. Opening a pet store can somehow be a difficult task, especially if you are doing it alone but of course there is pet franchising. But pet franchise is not actually for all who want to have their own pet business. Every thing starts from scratch planning, marketing, advertising and actually running the business. A lot of questions that needs answer, you may even think what question should you answer first. It is really confusing, mind boggling and endless queries.

 But to answer all of those thousands of questions, one must have the determination to pursue this business from scratch to profit no matter what.  And the best thing that will give you answers to all questions in starting a business is to gain an experience in any pet store. Be employed in a pet store, you will have that idea most especially the hands – on in running a pet store. It may pay low but the experience will bring you lots of money in due time. In between, take business courses, if time allows you, but it is important that you get ideas on bookkeeping transaction. From your experience, it is a sure thing that you will be able to learn a lot in running the day-to-day pet store business. Like where to get the pet supplies, what are the best deals and you will know the dos and don’ts in running your own pet store once you open. Start small, it is easier to handle, wait for everything to grow including you. Indeed, experience is the best teacher. Don’t hurry, be patient, great business that last long came from a lot of great experience.

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The Cat Connection »

Most of the pet stores today has supplies for many pets. There are only few pet stores who really cater for single kind of pet.  Pet stores want to maximize their business that is why as much as possible they want to serve all kinds of pet in their store. But a pet store that serves one pet iactually has complete line of supplies for the pet they serve. One of the cat pet store I seen around is The Cat Connection, they are the biggest “cat only” pet store in the U.S., located in 14233 Inwood Rd. Dallas, TX. 75244. When in this area, don’t forget to drop by and get something for your pet cat.

The Cat Connection pride itself as the best in the feline industry. They have the best cat food, cat litter and many more car products. They have boarding and grooming that is for pet cat only kept by professionals. Some of the best buy in their store are cat collars, caviar, halo, pet fountain, paw breakers, sticky paws, salmon, cat sitter VHS & DVD and hairball gel. At there store you can find a new pet companion and their staff can give you information on the best products for your pet cat.  Definitely, The Cat Connection has every thing your pet cat needs, a one stop shop for feline pet.

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Tropical Fish, Where To Find One »

Tropical fish with its many bright colors are one of the most sought – after when it comes to fish – keeping.  As it implies, tropical fish are fishes seen at tropical locations; they can be either fresh or saltwater fish. There is no better  place to buy fish products and supplies than in a fish pet store. Since it specializes in fish, it sure has complete line of fish products especially those tropical ones.

 There are many fish pet stores that has tropical fish and supplies, but it’s the question of finding a great tropical fish pet store. A great tropical fish pet store will have a lot of tropical fish selection be it freshwater or saltwater plus other tropical fish pet products. Other supplies that tropical fish owner looks for are the plants and lights that are placed in tanks. Fishes on displayed is place on tanks and not on bowls. Tanks are kept clean and fishes are healthy; there should never be a dead fish on tank. Tropical fish for sale must be quarantined first to be sure that it is healthy before being sold. A tropical fish pet stores must have their fishes’ health at priority and making profit second. Quality fish food stocks are always available. All tropical fish products can be bought in a reasonable price. A friendly and knowledgable staff is available.

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Wooden Bird Houses, a Home for Birds »

A home is without a doubt where the heart is, and the same thing goes with our pets. It is incumbent upon pet owners to provide upon their pets a natural place to live in while in the vicinity and comfort of their own homes.

Bird lovers created a warm home for their much-loved pets and many of them prefer wooden bird houses. Wooden bird houses are the closest thing to a home for these flying cuties. Most importantly these wooden bird houses are undeniable a sanctuary and haven for these colorful pets. Wooden bird houses bring together the atmosphere of being one in nature as well as it is a valuable refuge to nesting birds.

Wooden bird houses come in different forms and design which caters to the owner’s preference in terms of style and comfort to the birds. Wooden bird houses are designed like any other human houses complete with its amenities like drainage, easy passages for the birds, reasonable length and width for the comfort and convenience of the birds, as well easy cleaning for the bird owners. Many stores both online and offline offers a variety of ready made wooden bird houses and if you are in a creative mode, there are wooden bird houses kits readily available for you to show your creativity and personal touch which absolutely compliments your own home and garden. What is more fun with these wooden bird houses kits is the fact, that building one is an additional means to bond with your family and friends and at the same time appreciating our feathery friends. There are also uniquely styled wooden bird houses perfect for your bird pets as well as to other backyard birds that come around your house.

With your wooden bird houses around, you will never miss an opportunity to be serenaded by these musical pets all through out the day.

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Ugliest Dogs are In »

Pets world wide have their own sets of adoring public, who simply can’t resist these lovable creatures. Dogs are among those animals that ranked first in terms of being domesticated and being kept of as pets at home. Dogs simply have their own ways to charm our hearts, and we simply adore them by their looks and their tricks.

Commonly, our dogs have endearing looks almost next to perfection with respect to their physique and their sweet faces. What happens next when a dog is deformed, unattractive and hideous looking all at the same? Humans tend to neglect and have a laugh at them and considered them ugly for all intents and purpose. But ugly is such a strong word for these dogs. After all they also need some tender loving care. Nevertheless, do not worry there are without doubt kind hearted souls all over the world who took it upon them to care for these so called ugliest dogs.

A pioneering event like the Sonoma-Marin Fair in California launches the “World’s Ugliest Dog” tilt. It has become a part of the annual fair celebration since 2000. Such an event raises higher consciousness on humans that beauty is undeniably skin dip. Such event features some of the ugliest dogs you have seen. It may be revolting to look at them, but once you have read their human’s commentary on the dogs, you can not help but feel the happiness their owners felt upon having these ugly dogs with them. Most of these ugliest dogs were acquired by their owners through animal shelters and most of them were abandoned and were distorted. Most of the participants are Chinese Crested hairless dogs, Chihuahua and many are deserted dogs among others. Another astonishing feat for these ugly dogs was TV appearances and being photographed among others. Their owners were financially rewarded as well.

Ugliest dogs can never be synonymous to ugly after all, because love and caring transcends deformity and ridicule among others.

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Noah’s Ark Pet Store In Decatur »

I have noticed that there are many pet stores named Noah’s Ark.  One Noah’s Ark pet store that caught my attention was the one located at Decatur, Texas.  This pet store is a premier, one stop shop pet store. They have puppies, kittens, fish, reptiles, birds and small animals all in a quality health. They have an expert staff in each kind of pet they have.

 Noah’s Ark Pet store have a huge variety of pet supplies. For reptiles they have habitats and decorations, several types of bedding, heat and UV lamps, vitamin supplements, crickets and mealworms live and canned and more.  A bird owner may wish to buy bird food in bulk; they are the only pet store in the vicinity that has this kind of service. They also accept bird sitting, pet grooming and pet memorials. Don’t forget the supplies for fury pets; they have them. If you are looking for a pet product and it is not in their store, just ask any of the staff there and they will be willing to order it for you.

Noah’s Ark

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Shopping For Your Exotic Pets »

Though many people want those fury pets as their companion, there are still those who choose to have an exotic animal as their pet.  Exotic pets are rare and unusual animal taken to the home of pet owner to be look after. Supplies of exotic pets can be seen in exotic pet stores around your area. Some of the exotic pets found in an exotic pet stores are tarantula, spiders,snakes,  reptiles and other animals. Animals other than dog, cat and fish are being referred to as exotic pets. 

Exotic pet stores are prohibited by law to sell some species of exotic animals, for the fact that they may be endangered species or they are actually dangerous. So before you purchase one, make sure that the sell is legal. Supplies of exotic animals can only be seen on exotic pet stores, though there are some pet stores that has supplies for fury pets and exotic pets as well.  Exotic pet stores have supplies for exotic pets like reptile lamp, grass, forest bed, reptile accessories and some even have exotic pet grooming. Exotic veterinarian are rare and are actually expensive, an exotic pet store is always in contact with an exotic vet so they could refer you to one once your exotic pet need them. There is no better place to shop for your exotic pet needs than an exotic pet stores because they specializes on exotic pets.


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