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Firehouse Dog »

Watching dogs do those extra ordinary stunts is fun; they really are intelligent. Animal movies especially those dog movies are such a hit whether they are animated or not, all family members like seeing dogs talk like human and show intelligent moves in every scene. No wonder Firehouse Dog made a hit in the film and made family love dogs even more; an action, comedy and family film. Released in April by 20th Century Fox, the movie has a gross earning from theaters $13,881,654.00 a box office hit. Firehouse director is Todd Holland and its writer Claire – Dee Lim both said that doing a dog movie is tough but worth all the hard work.

Firehouse dog is a story about a Hollywood’s top canine star Rexxx getting lost and becoming a street dog. In the street he bump with Shane Fahey (Josh Hutcherson) the son of the DogPatch firehouse – a shabby, undervalued firehouse; who eventually adopted Rexxx. In his stay in the firehouse Rexxx was able to show  his intelligence and smartness by rescuing the chief, helped in solving crimes and conspiracy and many other things that improved the status of the firehouse and most especially gave Shane a new purpose in life and made their family closer. Rexxx and the firehouse became famous then and that’s the time his real owner recognize him. Though Rexxx returned to his real owner he like more the life in the firehouse and so his owner decided to give him to Fahey.

The movie did well in showing that our pets are capable of teaching us and our family about life and love and that relationship with dogs can be inspiring. For sure the movie made us appreciate and value our dogs even more even if they are just a simple pet they can teach us many things in life too.

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Fancy Rat »

Not all rats can be pets; rats that can be taken as pet are those domesticated breed (Rattus Norvegicus). Both rat sexes, bucks (male rat) and does (female rat) can live up to 3 years. They have varieties of color like brown rat, blue, chocolate, silver, black, white and other mixtures of these. Domesticated breed rats were bred to be less aggressive from the wild rats where they came from.

When thinking of getting rats as pets make sure that you can really look after your pet rat. Unlike other pets, pet rat needs great commitment. Every day they need at least one hour free play outside their cage with your supervision. They are as well high maintenance pet plus you really have to devote some of your time because they might suffer. Buy rats from responsible rat breeder, to know responsible rat breeders in you area contact a local rat club. Pet rats can be great pets as long as you have the time and money to commit to them.


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Drs. Foster And Smith Inc. »

Drs Foster & Smith Inc. is the leading destination for all pet purchases.  They are the number one supplier of pet supplies. They have branded and their own pet products like food, supplements, medicines, beddings, treats, grooming and toys. They cater to many kinds of pets like dog, cat, horse, birds, wild bird, reptiles and fish.

Their pet supplies are very affordable, sometimes they have discount but not recently. Rather than discount pet owners can avail of the cash back when they bought through their ebay store.  Other than pet supplies, Drs. Foster and Smith have also relevant articles regarding pet care that are very useful for pet owners.  This pet supplies company has gone a long way since Drs. Foster and Smith, a veterinarian themselves established it in the year in 1983.  They were able to buy other pet stores.

If you want to visit their store, they are located at 2253 Air Park Rd., Rhinelander, Wisconsin. Their online store is where pet products are made of quality yet at low prices and shipping cost. Contact them at their telephone number 715-369-3305; their toll – free number  800-826-7206, Fax 715-369-9419.

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King Of Snakes »

There has been a lot of argument as to who holds the title of the biggest snake; actually there are two snake specie that can be place in this category – the Anaconda of South America and the Asiatic Reticulated Python. The latest record today of anaconda’s length is 37 feet only. According to some report by European explorers in South America Anaconda can reach up to 100 feet but no one has ever come close to measuring them because they are mostly under the water. Plus the fact that no one dared coming close to such a huge size, how about you trying? (lol).

Anacondas live in fresh water where they spend their time hunting for food. They are carnivorous who likes to eat pigs, deer, crocodiles, fish, jaguars… and humans? They can do eat humans, there have been no report about it, but the natives of South America do tells that Anaconda have done it before. Though Anaconda can be very dangerous it does not have poison, it just kill its prey by squeezing them with its big body or drowning them under the water. And Anaconda will eat its prey whole without biting the prey.

To some people Anaconda or Phyton can be fascinating pet. Like any other pets, taking care of these kind of exotic pet needs great responsibility and care in feeding and protection most especially making sure that it never go to the wilds. Big snakes to some are beautiful and exciting but they are definitely dangerous. And they can do it anytime, anywhere, even at your own house. Can harm anybody even its pet owner.


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Favorite Cartoon Dog »

They changed how we look and treat them; dogs seen in our favorite cartoon shows made us love our dogs even more. Cartoon dogs showed that they can be so fascinating and that they are capable of many wonderful things. Now they are more than just loyal, obedient and quiet companion we have, but they are part of our family.

    Snoopy was one of the most favorite cartoon dog among cartoon dogs. Actually I named my first dog Snoopy because I like Snoopy the cartoon dog. Not only me did this, many pet owners named their pet dog Snoopy as well because of its popularity after it’s several cartoon shows. Because of our great fondness for dogs, many producers until now creates cartoon dogs of different breed and characters. Peanut, Scooby Doo, Beethoven are just some of the popular cartoon dogs we have and for sure there are still many cartoon dogs that will be born. This just proves that pet dogs can be so lovable whether they are true or a cartoon dog.


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    The Brass Monkey Weather »

    This term can be confusing because it can pertain to many things but not monkey. Brass monkey is a phrase, a slang term that can be use to refer to weather or a kind of drink.  Brass monkey was first used C.A Abbey in his book Before the Mast in the year 1857, using the term to refer extreme coldness. But there were many beliefs as to where this phrase really originated. 

      Some believes that the phrase actually started during the Napoleonic War period. During this period guns and cannons were usually used, “Monkey” refers to a table or rail made of brass, which holds the cannon balls. But during a very cold weather the Brass Monkey, which holds the cannon balls will break making the cannon balls roll over. Somehow it does really refer to a very cold weather. Some might misunderstand it that Brass monkey’s testicles are losing when the weather is very cold. This is somewhat funny but it has nothing to do with monkey, the animal.

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    Hummingbirds Garden »

    Hummingbirds are small birds about three inches long only that can be seen in America. They are named for the characteristic hum made by their wings. Hummingbirds can move their wings about fifty times a second. They are the only birds that have this unique flight; they can fly right, left, up and down, backwards and even upside down. They are small birds with elongated bill allowing them to feed upon nectar. Most hummingbirds are bright in color.

    Great way to enjoy hummingbirds is to make a hummingbird garden; these birds like to eat. They eat every ten minutes to easily replace the lost energy due to constant flying. They are very attracted to flowers especially those red and yellow flowers; these is their main food but they also get insects and worms for their young. Hummingbirds does not care with the smell of the flowers since they have no sense of smell, they are very attracted with colors and nectar content. If you want to have a hummingbird garden, have plants that are flowering or the flowers itself that have different colors. Some of the plants hummingbirds like are azalea, butterfly bush, flame acanthus, morning glory, cypress vine, coral bells, lupine, yucca, fuchsia, petunia and many more. Never spray pesticides to your flowering plants it is harmful for hummingbirds.


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    Haute Pet Boutique Has Great Designer Dog Collars »

    Pets have different looks and can be stylish depending upon their pet owner. Some may choose that their pet will just have a simple look, while others would want their pet to be trendy wearing those designers dog clothes, collars and accessories. Many pet owners are looking for different new ways to pamper their pets. For those social and status conscious pet owners giving their pet designers items are just some of the ways they can pamper their pet.

    Pets can be choosy especially if they are used to wearing those designers dog collars. There are many trendy and casual styles of designer dog collars made of nylon and fabric collars and other materials such as leather. Other than made of quality materials, designer dog collars have also great designs that will suit your dog’s look. Many pet boutiques have designer dog collars.

    If you want to buy some designer dog collars for your pet dog, there is an online pet store Haute Dog Boutique. They have many designer dog collars, you can see it one by one and choose the one that will look good on your pet. Their designer dog collars are a collection of luxury and quality made dog collars that can give your pet dog a trendy and stylish dog.

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    Monkey Sending Mails »

    We all love monkeys; they are so hilarious and can just do amazing things like human. How about monkey greeting you or you greeting your love ones through a monkey? There is nothing funnier than a talking monkey. You can do this by sending Monkey Mail which is hosted by Carrer Builder. This is such a very unique way to send others mail or just let somebody know how are you feeling. You can send this to your boss, friend, and relatives and to just about anybody and they will definitely love it. 

     From the site you can send an e-mail of an animated monkey to anybody. There are three animated monkeys where you can choose. Dress them up and choose their setting. There are recorded messages, which you can already forward to other; if you want it personalize type your own message and the monkey will speak it. You can also record your own voice, which the monkey will use in speaking. Really a bunch of way to personalize your message all for free. With vast growing technology and people are getting busier that ever, sending Monkey Mail is a great way to build personal relationship. To send your own Monkey Mail, click the link

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    Most Sought After Dog Breed »

    They must have been the perfect dog every pet owner would want to have. Thanks to Mr. John D. Johnson for saving this breed before they even become extinct after the World War II. American bulldog ranks number one for having many capabilities, but this is a rare breed. This dog is a hunting and working breed and was used before in blood sport of bull baiting and working in a farm.

    American Bulldog makes an excellent pet but they are not suited for first time pet owner. American Bulldog have everything you may want for in a pet; strong and swift with their very athletic, powerful and muscular body. They are very brave and they fear nothing yet is friendly and fun – loving breed. They are very loyal, protective and faithful to their pet owner. Training them is a necessity for their skills to be develop.

    American Bulldog’s coat is short and callous that comes in white color with different mixture of brown, tan, red, and brindle. Their features does not need a lot of grooming, making them easy to look after. They love playing in a large yard but can do as well in apartment as long as they have regular walks. One should look out for dysplasia and heart problems in American Bulldog, these are their common illnesses.

    There are many breeders of American Bulldog, be sure to buy one from those reputable breeders. American Bulldog is a great help as a pet and any pet owner can build a strong relationship with them that will last for a long time. Study their breed and the things they are capable of and enjoys doing to maximize pet and pet owner relationship.


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