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Get Your Own Lassie »

I once had a pet duckling that got out of its cage. You know, the ones you buy near your school… painted with unnatural colors like green, violet…

Ultra-super-neon pink…

(Yeah I know… classy.)

Anyway, when I found the duck it was already a few feet away from where I was. As I was about to chase it, my dog swooped out of nowhere to chase the duck. I thought it was a great effort that it went out if its way to retrieve the duck over to me.

Unfortunately when the duck got to me, the head was in between his fangs, the probable cause of its death. I just remembered that my dog had killed mice, kittens, chickens, frogs, and even bats in its lifetime, making my poor duckling another victim of his blood spree.

If it had been Lassie…

Anyway, in Canada there are breeders that could help you own a Collie. A popular choice as a family companion, the breed rose to fame due to the numerous helping extravaganzas undertaken by its most famous ambassador. Collies are smart, out-going, loving, and affectionate – they are protective of their masters which make it an excellent watch dog.

The Brit-raised pet, can be owned through various websites where you can acquire these intelligent mongrels in a hassle-free rate. I remember every time I watch Lassie I dreamt of owning that creature and probably police our yard from evil doers. That typical family movie scene where the dog bites of portions of a criminal mastermind’s pants never ceases to bore me.

It… could… happen. Really.

If you want to own your own set of Lassie, click here or visit its website at to find other health stuffs needed for Collies and other breeds registered at the Canadian Kennel Club.

Lassie Dog

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Wally Warning’s No Monkey »

“We don’t want no monkey to stop our show.”


Well, this is one of those repetitive phrases worded in the Wally Warning reggae lyric “No Monkey”. This was a song that probably was not meant to instill monkey awareness worldwide.

First up, I was born and raised in a generation that desires band play over rhythmic electronics and despite its upbeat reggae flare, I can’t seem to like it.

No offense. I don’t hate it. I just don’t like it.

It could be for you guys looking for a catchy song where your head can bang to a beat that will eventually lead you to a limbo line. I remember the days when Aqua ruled the worldwide airwaves. Now I could get laid to the tune of Dr. Jones and I do love their “Turn Back Time” song, but their second album seriously blows. No Monkey might not be as such but it wouldn’t hurt if they make their narrative at least to have more sense.

The music video starts off with an animated representation of a jungle where the wildlife is seen as the cars and the high buildings. This is an awkward pull from the actual safari feel that the song actually express. What’s impressive though is that the jive it creates for the listener. This can actually be a good tune for some worldwide conservation group. Hell, it could actually be an anthem.

Like I said, see this with an actual wildlife shot, throw in monkeys of all shapes and sizes with a little dose of big cats, rhinos, elephants, and other African grassland creatures and believe me this song will become famous.

It will still need direction but nonetheless, this is a commanding voice for people that want their organization get fanfare to a notch.

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Rottweiler Pups Sold Online »

Rottweilers are said to powerful, mean, and very difficult to comprehend. One look and you’ll probably say, “Yeah, I wouldn’t let my kid near that evil spawn of Satan”. But inasmuch as I want to agree, I’ll almost certainly diss the person that actually said that.

For one thing, rottweilers shouldn’t have owners that don’t have the skills to properly care for them. Plus, if they are so ghastly and brutal in the first place, then why are they still here? Instead of guns popped in their seriously thick skulls, knowledgeable people from all walks are seriously getting psyched of owning these noble creatures. Every champion breeder will tell you that discipline is the foremost way to make your pet the best companion you can ever have in your home bar none.

So instead of shrieking like a giggly schoolgirl when you see a rott trying to maul you, how ‘bout understanding these gentle souls. In the web you can find various sites that can hook you to the finest and sophisticated rottweilers in the world. While I suggest you should get a man to hook you to a local area breeder, the pictures posted at Next Day Pets is not that bad.

You gawk at their expensiveness but these pets are raised by actual dog breeders. These are the persons that make breeding for a living and not those persons that only forgotten to close their gates in which their dog walloped to freedom, found another dog, felt “doggy”, and went at it in a non-dog fight brawl manner.

Train them in as any way you want but act responsibly, these dogs are in dire need of homes. So if you’re interested, leave them a message and show your skills as the beloved master your new pet longs for.

Rottweiler Pups

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Morkie Puppy »

The newest trend in dog breeding is the Morkie puppy. They are not only adorable and lovely but they are also very cute and cuddly. Morkie puppy is recommended for first time dog owners. Known as Maltese yorkie, Morkie puppy is popular because it is gentle, loving and devoted to their masters. Morkie puppy is also said to be very healthy and they love to take walks at the park, they have this unique personality that could make its owner feel loved. And this will be good news for those people who suffer allergies, morkie puppy shed little hair and sometimes they don’t so it’s a plus factor for those people who got allergies but still love dogs. Having a morkie puppy is like having a little baby at home, a little pampering and tender loving care will do. Because morkie puppies are small dogs they are just approximately 6-8lbs and they look rather innocent compared to other dogs. When taking care of your new morkie puppy you need to buy the necessary things to make your puppy comfortable at home. Fist thing on your list should be the feeding bowls, the next one should be puppy bed, toys and of course the puppy food. Another thing should be the grooming tools and puppies should have a shower at least once a month. Have your puppy checked by a vet to make sure that it’s healthy and check it from time to time. Take your puppy on a short walks and have your puppy socialize with other pups so it won’t feel bored. Sing a song or have your puppy listen to some music to make a relaxing atmosphere at home. Puppies are like adopted babies, they should be loved so when they grow they will show the same thing for you.


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Arkansas, Home Of Fish Pet Stores »

If you wish to spend a lot time with nature during your vacation, Arkansas is the place to go. It is a land of mountains and valleys, thick forests and fertile plains. It seems that everywhere, mountains, valleys, forest surrounds you. Arkansas is home to many caves. And it is the first U.S State in which diamonds were found. They have different kind of parks, which is located in the surrounding area; some of the protected national parks and zoo are in Arkansas. Plan a trip and even a wedding here in this nature state.

It is also a great place to shop for your pet needs. But there are more fish pet stores in the area with all kinds of saltwater or tropical fish and fish supplies like fish tanks and special fish food and accessories. Pet stores in Arkansas have the specific need of your pet that will make your pet very happy. They have the right pet supplies suited for your pet that are available in low price, at some pet store you can even haggle and buy the supply at a reasonable price. There are also other pet services in Arkansas such as pet cremation, pet toilet training and among other usual pet service.

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Thousands of Pet Stores in Houston »

The fourth largest state in United State is Texas, where Houston City can be found. Houston is said to be a diverse state composed of many nationalities from China, Vietnam and Mexico. Do you know that there are 180 languages spoken in Houston alone? English included as well. It is indeed a multi –cultural city. It has many sites and views to be proud of. There are many places where one can go and visit in Houston and learned about the city. Despite being feared of its many active surface faults, it is generally earthquake – free.

Do you know that there are over 1000 pet service and stores in Houston alone? Whew, that’s a great number; well Houston is in the fourth largest country anyway. Houston is really just a pet lover city. Pet stores in Houston have a lot of things to offer for any pet and pet owner. From health pet foods and accessory, toys and treats, clothing for any kind of pet. They have specialty pet stores for birds, reptiles, cats and dogs. They have friendly staff that is ready to assist any pet owner with their queries. One of the premier pet stores in Houston is City Pets; they have been around the city since 1984 and up to now they still have those quality pet supplies for any pets. With the great number of pet stores in Houston, any pet owner can surely found their pet needs.

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Pet Stores In Michigan »

Michigan is a very unique state in United States that lies between two peninsulas. There are lots to look forward in Michigan; they have great and big parks and zoo. Many national and international companies are putting up their business in the said state for the fact that many Michiganians are educated and skilled. Fall is something worth spending in Michigan, it gives lively and earth colors around. Shopping is great too, in this state. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for special someone, an accessory, an outfit, and furniture or just about anything you wish to shop, Michigan has many specialty shops where you can see what you are looking for.
Pet business are scattered everywhere in Michigan. There are many pet stores; some are specialty pet stores for birds, fish, dogs and cats and exotic animals. Your entire pet needs, pet foods and pet supplies can be bought in a competitive price. Some pet stores will even order stuff for you that are not found in the store. They have clean and beautiful pet stores and knowledgeable and caring staff to assist you and you pet as you shop. Some pet stores in Michigan have lots of gorgeous display that will really make you smile. Other than pet stores, Michigan has other pet services offering like pet bakery where home baked treats for your loving pets are made. Other than those treats, they also have birthday pup cakes, toys, perfumes, clothing, hats, cold treats, whole digger pie and more – those are all for your pet. Some of the pet stores in Michigan are:
 FuzzyButz Pet Bakery
  613 Broad Street
  Saint Joseph. MI 49085
  Phone: (269) 983-9663
  Raining Cats and Dogs
  925 S. Main Street, MI 48734
  Phone: (989) 652 – 8100
  Ocean & Seas
26085 Gratiot Ave
Roseville, MI
Phone: (556) 778- 2223

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Find a Pet Store in Pennsylvania »

Pennsylvania is a rich state in terms of economy; they actually ranked 7 in the country for having the highest Gross Returns. There are not so many places to see in Pennsylvania because the state is filled with growing business industry. They are actually having a website that will mainly focus on attracting tourist because tourism is low in that part of US. But Pennsylvania, is a great state for sports people especially hunters. It is actually a great boost in their economy. It is also the home of the first zoo in the U.S – Philadelphia Zoo.

Pet supplies is a big business, so many Pennsylvanian pet lovers are getting into this. There are pet stores in Pennsylvania where they specialize for a specific pet like pet stores for rabbit, deer and those exotic pets. One of pet stores in Pennsylvania is McCrackens Pet Supplies; they have three stores in the state. This pet store has natural and organic food and supplies for the pets available at low price. Some of the pet products are exclusively distributed by this store. There is also other pet business available for your pet like Pet Imaginary; they will take photos of your pet professionally wherever the location is. As a pet owner you will be able to see your pet’s true personality. Wherever in Pennsylvania, a pet owner can surely find a pet store where he can buy supplies for pet.

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Join A Pet Club »

A pet club is very helpful to a pet owner. Though there are some pet owners who have not joined any pet clubs, since it is actually optional. Pet clubs are service provided by a pet store or by a pet organization or pet lovers in a community. But pet club stores are a great way for a pet store to maintain and grow their clients. A pet owner and his pet can grow together and bond with each other more in a pet club.

 In a pet club store, a member may get discounts in shopping for his pet needs. A pet club member and his pet can receive gifts from the club during events or special occassions. As a pet club member, you and your pet have privileges, that is very enjoyable. Members can share their passion with other pet owners in the club and pets can have time to mingle and play with other pets especially if the pet is the only one at home. This is a great venue for a pet owner to learn more about his pet, pet health, responsible pet care and other related topics. Pet club stores can set a pet show, where one can participate, and have bonding time with your pet. The usual pet club is a gathering of the same pets such as pet club for the dog, pet club for the cat and so on. Though joining a pet club is really a great help, yet some pet clubs are by invitation only. Yet there are pet clubs that are open for anyone, you can ask your favorite pet store if they have one or can recommend a pet club to you. It is really fun way for you and your pet to meet other pet lovers and see beautiful pets. Joining a pet cub will make a difference in the lives of the pet owner and the pet.

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San Diego’s Pet Boutiques »

San Diego is the second largest city in California. Its port influences the economy of San Diego, which is why the cruise ship industry in San Diego is the second largest in California. San Diego is very much known for its beautiful beaches, many visitors and tourist never left San Diego without going into some of its beaches.  It is a hotbed for surf and skateboard culture. It is also a very great place for pets. Among the cities, San Diego offers a lot of services for any pets other than pet stores, which is often called pet boutiques in San Diego.

Pet stores in San Diego are very unique, other than the usual stuff found in a pet stores; some pet stores in San Diego have doggie perfumes, breath mints, chewy toys and health foods. They have awesome accessories, which are great gift for pets. They even have a designer pet boutique that has fashionable outfits. If you want your pet to be fashionable, visit San Diego’s pet boutiques. Other than these great pet stores, they have pet – friendly hotels, dog beaches, parks and recreation areas. There are also restaurants and café that allows pet inside their premises as long as it behaves, though. You can even take your pet in one of tour and adventure. Definitely, San Diego is the ideal place to visit; everywhere you go will surely be unforgettable for you and your pet.

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