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Tweety Bird »

A charming animated yellow canary; Tweety bird is one of the most popular, award – winning fictional Looney Tunes character. Obviously, Tweety bird is named after the sound birds make. According to Bob Clampett, Tweety’s animator, this character was inspired by good memories of baby birds he saw in a film when he was a child. Who doesn’t know this bird? Very famous among girls and women, they like Tweety bird because of his cute appearance and personality, a good – natured character who is happy spending his life in his cage or a nest. Despite Tweety’s wonderful character he can become mean and tricky in fighting his cat enemy.

Granny his pet owner, loves and adores him so much. Yes, you hear it right, Tweety is a male bird not a female. Well, his name is indeed quite confusing, seems to suit female birds rat

her than male. Due to great fondness, there are many Tweety bird products that can be bought anywhere for a memorabilia of this cute bird. Some shirts, mugs, blankets, photo frame, stuffed toys and many others have a picture of Tweety bird. Tweety bird is known for the famous phrase “ I tawt I taw a puddy tat…. I did! I did!”.





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Spay Your Pet »

Having pet spayed is one of the most responsible action any pet owner can do. For pet cats, it is always a must that they must be spayed. It is recommended that a cat should be spay three to four weeks after delivery, before the first heat cycle. But you have to consult your vet for this matter, if every thing is well with your pet’s health, spaying can be done.

There are many advantages of having your pet cat spay. First, it prevents unnecessary pregnancy. We already have many homeless pet cats and dogs at animal shelter adding to it are just like killing the pets. A pet that is spayed will be far from diseases like mammary tumors, uterine infections and unlikely behavior. If we spayed our pet cat we will be able to save our self and our pet from many unpleasant experiences and future pet health expense.

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Rainforest Animals As Pets »

The world is getting worst when it comes to our environment. It is no wonder that many products such as automobiles are going for “green”. The situation of our rainforest is one of the contributing factors in our worsening situation. Though rainforest is located generally around the equator yet it can affect everything in the world. Rainforests can be seen in these parts of the world: Central and South America, Africa, India, Southeast Asia, Indonesia and Australia.

The rainforest has a very intense, warm, wet forest which is what animal species living in this environment like. The plants in rainforest produce much oxygen, which is what we, people, and animals need. This is the reason why rainforests are important in our ecosystem; obviously we will all die if there is no oxygen.

Almost 50% of the animals live in rainforests those colorful and strange animals like insects and worms, fish, reptiles, birds, amphibians, tiny animals and mammals are living there. But if you go to a rainforest it is rare that you will see those big animals, they are hiding from human predators, thus you could be sure to see those insects only. The sad thing about our rainforests and the rainforests animals is they are all disappearing due to slash and burn farming techniques and many people are getting animals from these areas for pets. Since they are rainforests animals it is just right to leave them there. Getting them for pets for their popularity is never a reason to take them away from their home.



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Koi Fish Tattoo »

Koi fish widely known as beautiful and expensive Japanese fish has become one of the most popular tattoo symbols. It is being admired for its beauty and bravery. According to a legend, a koi fish, which climbed waterfalls has transformed into a dragon. From that, it became an inspiration for positive qualities like courage, capacity to fulfill high goals and surpass life’s challenges.

Koi fish are a very popular tattoo design; it can be made as tribal tattoos or Celtic tattoos. To make the design more beautiful it can be combined with other designs like flowers, hearts, crosses, fairies, sun, moons and stars. Colors that are commonly used in koi fish tattoo design are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, violet and also the classic back and white or black and gray.



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Innova Food For Your Dog »

When it comes to the health of our pet, we always want to give them the best and healthy foods ever. Innova is very known to all pet owners of dogs and cats how these all-natural pet food are helpful. The ingredients of Innova’s dog food came from human food like dairy, grain, protein, vegetables, fruits, meats and many more. They are definitely healthy for your dog. Innova has foods for dogs and cat in whatever age. For dogs, they have canned foods, treats and dog food for treatments. If you don’t want your dog to gain weight, they have Innova reduced fat. They have dog food for large and small breed, old dog and puppy. Different dog food for different dog health situation.

 Though Innova food is very much recommended by many pet owners, it is not the same thing for others. Some are saying that there pet had diarrhea or vomit after eating Innova. Remember then there are many kinds of Innova dog foo that caters to the specific need and situation of your dog. A certain Innova dog food will not suit for your pet dog, research which Innova dog food suits your dog. But some dog needs to be used with eating Innova especially when they have been used to eating other kind of dog food that has no natural ingredient. It is always best that you consult with your vet and read the label to know if it is right for your pet. Know also the necessary measurement and number of times you will give this to your pet dog. When it comes to our pet food, we always have to be careful, never rely on what other said or what you heard, it is putting your dog’s health at risk.

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Draw Your Dog »

Pet dogs are definitely adorable and pet dog owners can’t just resist doing something to make their pet dog very happy.  Some will even draw or sketch their dog and hang it on the wall beside their family’s photo. They are definitely part of our family. Dogs are great subject for drawing. It is not actually easy drawing your pet dog especially if your dog has very detailed features. But if one wants to know how to draw a dog, it can always be learned because drawing is a learned skill.

 You can start by getting a photo of your dog you want to draw. Getting your dog stay in a certain position for several hours is impossible, just get the photo and you can draw it. Choose a photo of your dog where your dog seems laughing – where its mouth is open, ears up and tail waggling or other position where they look great. You can choose to draw its face only or its whole body. The web has many sites containing step-by-step procedure of drawing your dog and there are also books containing lesson on how to draw a dog. You can choose whether you want to draw your dog cartoon or look like real. For sure, you will be proud of your work and your dog after drawing your pet.

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The Retrievers »

Also called Russian Retriever, Yellow Retriever; golden retriever puppies are very intelligent; they do well in hunting, retrieving, narcotics detection and as guide dogs for the blind. They can do tricks and love swimming. These puppies are very loving and demonstrative of their feeling. Sometimes they can be annoying because they always want to get your attention. They can survive 10 to 15 years but will remain a puppy for 2 to 3 years from the time they are born.

As oppose to what other knows, Golden Retriever do not live in backyards. It is just that they need exercise like daily walk if one does not have a backyard for running. The coat of golden retriever puppies is very soft and it becomes thicker as they mature. Thus grooming will be one of your full time jobs as these puppies loose some of their hair as it thickens. When they are old, a common health disease among golden retriever puppies hip dysplasia,  might appear. They might get it from their parent, so it is important that one will check the health of the parent of these puppies before getting one. They should be treated as part of the family, as every pet should be. Even if they get old, golden retriever remains to be adorable.

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Golden Eagle Bird »

Though it is the national bird of Mexico, Golden Eagle bird maybe the most numerous in the world. They can live up to 48 years in the mountainous area and many of them can be seen in the northern hemisphere. Unfortunately, this specie is getting extinct in that area while gaining numbers in the eastern part.  They are named Golden Eagle bird because of their striking golden head and neck that comes along with brown to black colors of their feathers. Young Golden Eagle birds have white patches and white tail.

Golden Eagle birds are great hunter of rabbits and squirrels and not of sheep. This can be attributed for being the highest flier and to their keen vision. They can fly high while twisting in the air covering great distance. They can see a prey even from afar, yet despite their keen eyesight they cannot see a thing at night. I must say, they have strong family relationship, a couple Golden Eagle bird can be seen together for a lifetime . Getting this for a pet is not allowed since they are protected by the law.

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Intelligent German Shepherd Puppies »

German Shepherds make great family pets, thus it is better to get one while they are still puppy from a recognized German shepherd breeder or rescue. To get to know the German shepherd puppy, one must see the puppy’s mother and spend times with them together or individually.  Research also other facts about this breed; though German shepherd puppies make wonderful family pets they are actually a working breed. Its energy and other capabilities may overwhelm a pet owner.

A German shepherd puppy is a strong and well-muscled dog. One might be surprised by its strength; it can actually topple you down.  He is an intelligent one, full of life, doesn’t want to be bored or else he can rip every thing in your house. They seem as if they do not get tired. Once trained, they can work well with police, rescue, guide and search dog. Despite being strong and hard they become very bonded with their owner and hates to be separated from them.

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Free Potty Training »

 One of the tasks that dog pet owner has to accept once they got a dog is potty training their dog. It is difficult and can get frustrating, needs a lot of patience but your dog needs it or you’re going to regret it forever. Some will get breeder to this or professional dog trainer or do it by yourself by consulting others or buy books regarding potty training. Getting a professional training or buying you books maybe quite expensive

There is no best person to potty train the pet dog but its owner. And they have to do it while their dog is young and not when it gets old. If you are looking for free potty training help for your dog, the web is the best place. Though there are many books in the bookstore regarding this topic they quickly become outdated plus you haveto  spend on buying them. If one search the web, potty training topics articles can be seen easily. They are quickly updated giving the latest information for properly potty training your dog. Some sites that have free potty training articles for your dog are,, and many more. By doing this on your own you will able to save a lot and build a strong relationship with your pet dog.

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