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Canine Carnage »

If you check out this link,, you’ll find the TERRIBLE TEN. They are arguably the most dangerous canines to walk the face of the earth. There names sound as if they are wrestlers and will attack without remorse. So if you threaten them…

… Better have a backup plan.

At ten lies the Akita, a dog used to hunt bears in Japan. At nine is the St. Bernard. Known softies, they prove nasty once treated cruelly. Next up is the Great Dane. Scooby-Doo ain’t so cute if hyper. Imagine a 150-pound animal acting giddy as if he is a pug. At seven lies the Chow Chow. Lack of supervision will make it overly-protective of his spot…

… Much like gremlins.

Coming in at six is the Doberman Pincher. Kids should not resort to poking and bothering him in his sleep because he will attack at will. The Alaskan how to get your ex back

Malamute, a wolf-dog who has yet to shrug off his wild past is fifth. It is similar to the fourth placer, the Siberian Husky. Although seen as active and playful, the sled dog is said to have a “high prey drive” that could be menacing to little children.

At three is the German Shepherd. Despite the dog’s aggressive nature, he still ranks high in the most sought after breeds list. Blame his insertion to weak-assed owners who’ll forget the dog ever existed and vanquish it at the back of their yard.

The Rottweiler is the runner up while the Pit Bull of course ranks up top. However, their notoriety is blamed again to the owners who’ll rather train them for evil than make them marvelous companions.

And that is why we need more dedicated owners and trainers to see to it that these breeds’ unsavory reputation will always be in check.


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Birds of Prey »

It is easy to notice the changes on your pet dog. Dogs are more active and chummy. So when he distances himself despite the qualms of their masters, you immediately worry about his safety.

Birds though aren’t that close to humans. That is why they are often inside a cage, since they’ll use flight to get away from persons taking away their freedom. Just when you think you are enjoying their beautiful chirping, the next you know is your bird dropping dead amongst the ants engulfing its body.

Being caged is not a means of protecting but often to prevent escape. If you think for one second that your pet is safe, think again. With their droppings and surrounding mask serious forces not seen by the naked eye. Scaly Face Mites for instance starts its way to the beak and feet and it will burrow all the way to their intestines. Fleas could be a problem for cats and dogs but even more to birds. Giardia is a parasite that travels to the small intestine causing your pet to go to a weakened state. All of a sudden he will experience symptoms like loose droppings, anorexia, and depression.

Little by little, you’ll notice your birdie could be planning a trip to avian heaven.

If infected they should be treated immediately. However, a clean environment is the best solution in order to disrupt the events to ever unfold. While Scaly Face Mites need to be in the body of their host, Giardia can settle in almost anywhere. It could be in the bird’s water, floor, the droppings, and even the hands that is about to play with it.

Visit It offers a lot of testimonials and advices on how to treat your birds when you encounter these types of dilemma.


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Better than Brownie »

Here in the Philippines there’s originality amongst names. If your dog is brown, call it Brownie. If black, then he’s Blackie. If white, call it Whitey.

And yes, the first paragraph was filled with sarcasm.

When I was young, my dad had a book where two kids named Dick and Jane are chasing a dog named Spot. I don’t know if the dog stole something but if they are shouting “Run Spot, Run”, either they have mixed feelings in catching him (possibly an aggressive mutt), or the kids are sick and twisted, where one of the kids would grab a rifle while the other counts to ten and before the count finishes, they shoot the poor pooch just like in those dastardly Western flicks.

I never thought the “Fun with Dick and Jane” book is so tragic…

Anyway from Spot’s name spawned Tagpi, which is Tagalog for Spot

. Nowadays, names come from your favorite shows, characters, and even actors. I have no idea what breed is Spot but I guess he’s male. If I had a male dog I would call it boorish or wrestler-sounding names like Bruno, Bogart, or Boner.

Will your pet pit bull bite your leg out when he finds out that “Lily” isn’t a macho name?

If you name your dog, this means you treat him as part of your family. He is kind of your brother, aunt, or grandpa that can’t care for his welfare, acts irrationally often, and poops anywhere possible. Sure you can call him Brownie or Blackie but it seems weak and unimaginative. And I guess naming your pets is also derived from your persona.

So if you name your pet Liberace? Well… see where I’m going at?

In short, your dog is family. So why name your male dogs’ girly names?


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Richmond's Pet Stores »

 There are many different shopping opportunities available in Richmond, Virginia. As I check some of the yellow pages, there was a listing of more than 250 stores of variety of services for a shop-a-holic person plus there are still some stores not listed.  Whether you shop for your friend, boyfriend, family or even pets there is certainly a shop that will suit your taste and style. Pet stores in Richmond, VA has different pet that they specialize, thought there are of course pet stores that caters to many kinds of pets. Though Richmond County is ideally situated in Rappahannock River there are only few fish pet stores compared to water –related activities the place offers.

 Pets that Richmond pet stores caters to are birds, fishes, exotic pets, dogs and cats and those small mammals

like rabbits, sugar glider and more. And there is also one stop-shop pet store, where they have complete stuff of pet supplies. There are family owned pet stores in Richmond that has locally made items and of course those big pet supply company like Pet Club and PetSmart, they also have stores in Richmond.

 I am not writing this to say that these pet stores I mentioned are the best pet stores in Richmond. They are some of the pet stores in Richmond and there are many more. So once you come by Richmond and shop for anything and a few stuff for your pet, you will never have to worry because they have may pet stores you can choose from. But be sure to check them out first from others or reviews before you go to their store, so you will save much time and make sure they are not fly by night.


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Give Your Pup Cute Dog Names »

Have you ever thought about what name you would like to give to the pup that you just bought today? Are you going to give it the usual dog names or are going to take the leap and start choosing through a list of cute dog names?

Most of the usual cute dog names are names used by people. What makes the name cute is the fact that it is also used by a human being – just like when a dog name is used by a person. There are also cute dog names though which become cute because of the fact that they are not usually used as names.

You can name your dog Britannia because she came from the UK. Or you can name your dog Oscar because he reminds you of Oscar the Grouch. There also is Cider, a cute dog name you can give to your pet who loves drinking cider; Chili for the dog who goes for the hot stuff; Ketchu

p for the one who loves tomatoes; or maybe Sugar because your puppy loves sweets.

You can also give your dog vehicle names as cute dog names – especially if you are a car enthusiast yourself. You can call your dog Ford, Oldsmobile, or maybe Chrysler. Or maybe if you are a chocolate connoisseur, then better give Cadbury or Nestle or Hershey’s as the name of your dog.

Exotic names could also work as cute dog names. Maybe Taf, Dulce, Ruigi, Ciccio, D’artagnan, Giaana, Shingi, Atilla, Gullit, Laika, Kartikeya, Keelah, Crankie, Gabai, Grompel, Grubuz, Zyfa, or Chuchi would do. It all depends on how you would like to call your dog.

You may also want to consider giving a name that is totally the opposite of what your dog looks like. It would make people come saying, “Now ain’t that cute?”


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Canuck Dogs That Work »

People work everyday so as to have financial stability to go through each and every day. Now did you know that there are Canuck dogs who also work? Yes, there are dogs who work and have a job just like people do.

There are Canuck dogs who work as guide dogs. These are those dogs you would see with people who are visually impaired. They serve as the eyes of the person and they guide people to where they are going. These guide dogs are trained well and most breeds who become guide dogs are golden retrievers, German shepherds, and Labrador retrievers.

Hearing dogs are also very much like guide dogs. The difference between the hearing dog and the guide dog is that the former would alert their master through physical contact when it hears important sounds.

Canuck dogs can also work as a therapy dog. Any kind of dog can be a therapy dog although there are certain features that must be present like being able to follow commands, being friendly and knowing how to react well to different situations. As their job title suggests, therapy dogs help people in expressing who they are and coping with pent up feelings.

Search and rescue Canuck dogs are high trained animals. They work with the police or with other organizations who do search and rescue work. Search and rescue dogs are of great help for they can go through rubble and they can smell and sense if there are still people alive in a devastated area.

There are also Canuck dogs who work as herding dogs. Known as the oldest job that a dog has held, herding is still currently one of the most popular jobs for Canuck dogs. However, their job description has now expanded from just herding cattle and sheep to their farms but there are now competitions wherein herding dogs battle it out with each other.

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Choosing Boy Dog Names For Your Pet »

“What’s his name?”

A neighbor may ask you while you are walking around your new pup. The question may be simple but you have not gotten around to naming him yet. There are tons of boy dog names you can give your pet and choosing one that would fit your dog would be quite hard.

To choose a boy dog name, start off with listing down the best names you would like your pet to have. You can list down the most common boy dog names – like Spot, or Blackie, or Chase, or just plain Spike. Or you can choose a person’s name – maybe Mike, or Caleb, or Austin, or Jason. You can also opt to list really unique names for your dog – like Cat, or Gucci, or Hamburglar, or Bite maybe.

The important thing to remember is to keep the name for your dog short. You would not want to name your dog Alexander Graham Bell. Jus

t imagine how much effort you would have to do just to call out to your dog when it is time for dinner. Also make sure that the name you are giving your dog can be easily pronounced and called out. For example, you give your pet a name that can be a tongue twister but that would only make things more twisted with you not being able to call out his name.

If you really are having a hard time choosing a boy dog name for your pup, you can also try pulling out your dictionary off the shelf. Then close your eyes and open the book. Let your fingers roam over the book and make it stop somewhere. Then open your eyes to take a look at the word that your finger has stopped on. Who knows? You may have chosen “trouble” and that would be a good boy dog name – especially if your dog seems to be always bringing in trouble.


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Bird Control Umbrella Keeps Birds Away »

The time for the trees in your orchard to bear fruit is now and the birds in your area can sense it already. You may be fighting a losing battle with these birds if you do not know what to do. These birds may look pretty harmless most of the time but they just should stay away from your fruits.

You can make use of a bird control umbrella to actually keep those birds away from your trees and your fruits. After all, those fruits do help you make a living and you need to keep them fresh and sweet – not full of pecks.

The bird control umbrella is also known as the bird net covering and it is a net that can be used to cover your trees or plants or shrubs so that the birds do not go any nearer to your prized fruits. There is no need to put in stands or to take out metal poles to use the bird control umbrella on your tree. All you need to do is drape the whole huge net over the tree or plant or shrub that you would want to protect. The net does its job and the birds stay away.

Most of these bird control umbrellas have been designed so as to keep the trees healthy while also keeping the birds well. The good news is that the bird control umbrellas do not have any kind of chemical that harms the birds. Plus, the bird net coverings have been designed so as to let the air circulate around your plants.

The net itself has been made to be tough so as to keep the birds out and protect whatever it is covering. However, tough as it may be, the materials used are not toxic and are good to the environment.

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What You Need To Know About Beta Fish »

Having fish for pets is less stressful compared to having dogs or cats. There is no need for you to purchase really expensive dog or cat food and you do not have the responsibility to clean up after its mess or take it out for a walk every day.

If you are up to having fish for pets, then you may want to have beta fish. Beta fish are also known as betta fish or as Siamese fighting fish. The name may give you the idea that such a kind of fish is high maintenance but that is exactly the opposite.

Beta fish can be housed in an aquarium right in your very own home. On the average, its length is around 2.3 inches. These fish come in a variety of interesting colors and one of the features that you may remember about it is its tail and fins. The Siamese fighting fish live an average of six to eight years however there were noted instances of these fish living up to 12 years.

For food, beta fish feast on zooplankton, small insects, and the larva of the mosquito. Of course, there are fish pellets made just for this type of fish. The pellets are usually made from shrimp, bloodworms, and vitamins that the fish needs. Also, according to experts, the greater the variety of food that a beta fish takes in, the more colorful it becomes so you may want to shift from fish pellets to other types of food for this fish.

Just so you know, beta fish should have a clean tank. Plus, the water in it should be free from chlorine for chlorine can be quite deadly to the beta fish. The environment should be warm for the fish and it should only be around 76 to 85 degrees.

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Trends In Pet Stores »

Most of the households are getting pet or pets as one of their companion and even is a part of the family. Pet is part of the normal expenditures a family has. A pet owner will buy anything, whatever it is for his or her pet. It is no wonder that pet stores can be seen almost everywhere. A pet store is a kind of business that sells pets and its supplies including food, accessories every thing that a pet may possibly need. Though it is not good to buy pet in a pet store, somehow it becomes part of the business.

 Pet store may vary depending on the kind of pet they are serving. Like an exotic pet store caters for the needs of exotic animals such as reptiles, lizard and the likes. Fish pet stores have all sorts of fish supplies. But most of the pet stores cater to three or five pets to maximize their business. They may also offer other services like grooming and boarding other than selling pet supplies. Pet stores are also shifting its style, depending upon the location a pet store may be glamorous, stylish – these may cater pet accessories that are made by designers and branded. Pet stores can be online as well, to reach out to pet owners that are very busy and have no time to personally come to pet store location. Despite the changing trends in pet store industry today, pet owners still look for quality pet products, low price and good service.

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