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Lovable Dachshund Puppies »

There are pet owners that love pets who are very hairy. Well, Dachshund puppies are one of them. These puppies are the result of oldest breeds of German dogs. They remain small because of their short leg and long body. They can easily detect strangers because they are very watchful and bark loudly, thus they are best kept as family dogs. There are many varieties of Dachshund puppies because of the continued crossbreeding.

To care for them, their long or short hair needs constant combing and shampooing since it has tendency of having bad odors. Their diet should be watched as well because they are prone to obesity since they almost eat anything that is served to these puppies. They need to be walk every day for exercise to avoid future back problems, gaining weight, laziness and other dog health problems.

Dachshund puppies are easy to love, they are friendly to their owner, loving, loyal, fun, intelligent, independent, affectionate, outgoing, loves adventure yet are difficult to train. Despite their great characteristic, these puppies need constant discipline to learn obedience at all times. To teach them, one must have patience, self – control and consistency. Having a Dachshund puppy is such a rewarding experience that both of you will treasure forever.

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Pet Vacation »

There are many things to do and see in Ohio. And the great thing about this is that, pets can be brought to many fun activities to enjoy the experience with pet owners. And it is a delight for evey pet owner to see their pet enjoy activities with them. There are pets retreat, lodges and outdoor activities where pet can come even horses. There are even workshop provided for healthy pet food making at Blue Rock Station.

Other than those pet stores in Ohio, there are so much to see and do for you and your pet. Almost all the outdoor activities and places – restaurants, hotel, cabins welcomes pets in their area. Bringing your pet in Ohio will surely be a great and memorable experience for you and your pets. Don’t forget to take photos.

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Pet Stores Under The Sun »

Known as the Valley of the Sun. Phoenix made a rapid rise in economy due to its weather condition. Many of the big companies move to Phoenix because of this reason. It’s always sunny in this part of Arizona, and only during the month of March that is always wet. Famous outdoor activities in Phoenix are golfing, hiking, hot air balloon and other more. Since Phoenix is one of the largest cities in U.S many of the major stores are here.

PetSmart have several stores in Phoenix. Branded pet products and designer pet clothes are available in some of the pet stores in Phoenix. I have listed a few pet stores in Phoenix, and some of their services. My listings does not mean recommendation, it is for the purpose of informing readers.

 Pet’s Inc., a family owned reptile and aquatic pet store. They have  unique pet supplies that cannot be seen in other pet stores. Contact them at 480-966-7910.

Pet Safari – located at 1107 Bell Rd, #10 Phoenix, has supplies and   feeders for exotic reptiles, birds, fish and small animals.  They are now offering 20% off discount on any pet product purchase.

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Inside A Pet Supply Store »

More and more humans are getting crazy about pets, either as playmates, companion or to be of house help (somehow). No wonder pet supply stores are increasing, be it family owned, big pet supply company, pet franchise or pet chains. There is always many pet supply stores in the area. Pet supply stores have even varieties depending on the kind of pets they cater. But mostly of the pet supply stores now are catering to many different kinds of pet rather than choosing one pet to cater to its pet needs. Some pet supply stores are called pet boutique though they have complete line of pet products not only clothing.

In a pet supply store, a pet owner can purchase pet toys, pet-grooming products, and health care aids, almost anything that you need for your pet. Other pet supply store does sell pet products but also pet services like pet insurance, pet grooming, pet boarding, pet cremation, pet training and other pet services. It is common that a pet store sells pets, though it is prohibited. A reputable pet supply store will never sell pets in their store. A pet supply store will be a favorite of pet owners depending on the quality of pet products they sell, their customer service, arrangements of products and the cleanliness of the area.

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Why Pet Food Store »

All pet owners need to feed their pet. That is why looking for a pet food store is vital. A pet food sells natural and also those manufactured pet products, including those treats. Some of the pet food stores are those pet bakeries that sell pet treats and pet cakes. There are only few pet food stores since most of the pet supply stores also sells pet foods other than the pet supplies.

At a pet food store, a pet owner purchase food products for his or her pet. Though some of the pet foods can also be bought at pet sup

ply stores, specialty foods like pet foods for pet specific diets and for those allergies are always present at pet food store. Hard to find pet food products including those natural made or organic ones are in pet food store. It is best to buy pet food on a pet food store than on a pet supply store, pet food store has many varieties of pet foods and some have even complete line of products. Pet food storekeepers are much knowledgeable when it comes to pet food. So, when it comes to pet food, always make the best choice.


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Pet Stores At Wisconsin »

Wisconsin maybe known as the “America’s Dairy Land” and for its cheese production but it is not a rural state. Popular outdoor activities in Wisconsin are hunting and fishing. Traveling at Wisconsin with a pet is never a worry, lots of place is open for pets but there are also some that are off-limits to them. Wisconsin has a lot of pet services for pet like pet grooming, pet cemetery, pet sitting, pet insurance, pet therapy, pet health care, pet boarding, pet training, pet photography and pet centers. They even have services for deaf dogs.

There are many different kinds of pet stores in Wisconsin a pet owner can choose from. Some pet stores wholesale pet products though they do also retail for some customers. Their pet products are beddings, pet foods, supplements, treats, and toys. These are available in reasonable price and some can avail in great discount. Some Wisconsin pet stores have monthly events where pet owners and their pet can join to learn and enjoy with their pets and pet lovers. Pet stores are not only a place to buy pet products but also to learn and have a healthy relationship with your pet.

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Warwick Pet Stores »

 Warwickshire located in the heart of England, is well known for its beautiful countryside, great castles and historic houses make it the most visited region in the U.K. Though the place really is a county one plenty of green areas yet residents and people have access to every thing they need with no hassles just like in big cities. Most of the needs are present in the local stores. Warwick has great pets other than dogs and cats mot of the people have horse as their pets.

 Warwickshire is a pet friendly county. One of the professors in Unversity of Warwick Dr. McNicholas conducted a research, the finding was pets give good health to children. Pet stores in Warwickshire are not too many. They catered to dogs and cats, rabbit and birds and horses – these are the famous pets that can be seen in a Warwick household. Pet stores carry pet food and accessories and other pet services like pet grooming, pet boarding and walking, pet taxi and cremation. Other than the top quality pet products, some pet stores offers pet training and pet health care. They have knowledgeable staff that is ready to give an expert advice. Selling cats and dogs are prohibited at any pet stores at Warwickshire. Warwick follows the strict pet laws of the United Kingdom.

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Pet Services For Busy Pet Lovers »

The world famous Chicago is a city of Illinois. It is the third largest city in the U.S. The place is filled with beautiful and tall buildings due to its growing economy and business industry. Chicago was regarded as one of the most influential city in the world. They have been one of the very few cities that excel in many kinds of sports. Who does not know of the Chicago Bulls and the famous Michael Jordan.

Most of the residents of Chicago are very busy people. Many are working in those huge companies. Yet they still have time to enjoy their life as pet lovers.  There are many pet services available in the areas other than the pet stores. Pet services in Chicago cater to pet owners that have busy lifestyle. There are many pet stores for dogs and cats and very few for other kinds of pet. Most common pet services in Chicago are pet boarding, day care, dog walking and grooming they even have pet taxi service. Many pet stores are very glamorous, having accessories and pet clothing made by designers. Pet supplies that can be seen in a pet store at Chicago are large selection of health food, natural food and treats. Accessories like collars, leashes, carriers, bowls, toys, clothing and beds.

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Cincinnati's Pet Stores »

Cincinnati, a city in Ohio had been always described as a simple place in Midwest. But actually, Cincinnati has a lot to offer any one; recently Esquire Magazine listed them as one of the “Top 10 Cities that Rock”, and Forbes named the area, as a “Best City for Nightlife”. Yes, indeed there is more to Cincinnati’s simplicity for it’s unique places and events.  Who doesn’t know the Flying Pig Marathon? It is a world – famous event that takes place in Cincinnati.

The residents of Cincinnati loves pets. The city have more than 100 listing of

pet stores. There is a nationally known pet store in Cincinnati and that family owned pet stores. Most of the pet stores in the area serves supplies to all kinds of pets, though there are some but very few that specializes in one kind of pet like fish and birds.  Pet supplies in a store are complete from pet foods to accessories. If you can’t find what you are looking for in one pet store in Cincinnati other pet store in the area will have it. Though pets are being sold in pet stores, still pet owners should be careful in buying pets from any pet stores.


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Pet Stores At New Jersey »

Despite the New Jersey’s development, half of the area remained to be full of woods. The main resources of New Jersey is its location – its lakes and resorts are one for the most visited in the U.S.; while its trees are used to build ship. Oftentimes, New Jersey conducts local events such boat events, craft show, pet show and many more. They are one of those who have strongest puppy lemon law. Wherein if a pet is bought from any pet store in New Jersey, they will be the one to pay for the vet and its medication once the pet got sick. This i

s a good thing, pet stores will be careful in selling pets, which is actually discouraged.

There are many pet services available at New Jersey other than the pet stores. I have seen a great New Jersey pet boutique online though they only serve cat and dogs. Some kind of pet stores in New Jersey are those fish pet stores, bird pet stores and the cat and dogs, there are very few if none for those exotic pets. If you want to check our pet store listing in New Jersey, yellow pages are available with their website, address and number to call them.


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