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Pet Health Care Insurance Cover »

Looking after pet and ensuring that he will always be healthy can be quiet expensive; that is why there is Pet Insurance. If one values the health of his or her pet whether today or in the future getting Pet Insurance is a wise decision. Maintaining pet’s good health is expensive already how much more if pet needs surgery plus the regular visit to a vet, they are future expense that we hope will be lighten. It is actually what Pet Insurance does to pet owners. They share with the expense in pet’s medication and care. It is saving money for pet’s future expense. You have peace of mind that whatever happens with your pet in the future you will not be incurring high expenses.

But pet health insurance does not only ensure you with the future expense but also your present expenses pertaining to the pet’s regular care needs. Keeping pet healthy every day is very important and so we provide preventive care for them to remain healthy and  for us not to spend big money in the future.  Pet health insurance has a care cover which helps your budget for regular care expenses on pet. The pet health insurance care cover helps you with the cost of annual exams, routine test, teeth cleaning or dental care, vaccinations, and spaying and neutering. Though pet health care insurance will not pay all the cost of your pet care at least they have lessen your expenses in giving your pet good health.

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Females On Pets »

All dogs are great for pet; but a pet owner will choose a dog pet depending upon the lifestyle he or she has. A trendy girl often likes small pets like Chihuahua or Terrier because they are just hand carry and can be trendy as well like their owner.

Girl will likely choose dog clothes and dog accessories for her pet especially if the pet dog is female. Trendy girl who are pet owner don’t just settle for simple dog clothes and dog accessories, she will also take her pet dog to a dog groomer to give her dog a nice haircut and nail polish. Pets can be trendy as well if their pet owner would choose their pet to be one and if they have the money to spent on it.


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Downloadable Dog Clip Art »

 There are many dog clip arts in the web that can be used to personalize your work and make dog animation for yourself. Dog clip art have many variations, some are colored, black and white or transparent. Dog clip arts may have theme on just about anything in this world and can be use to any occasions.
Dog clip arts are easily downloadable over the web to be use for many purposes. It can be send to others to greet on special occasion.  Many would even want a collection of dog breeds or just the breed of their dog in clip art form. It will also look great as wallpaper for PC. Dogs look great in just about any art medium, whether cartoon, film, drawings, pictures and clip art.

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Monkey Games Online »

 If you are crazy about online games and monkey, you’ll get both through playing crazy monkey games. Most of the monkey online games are very simple and are quite boring because of the simplicity of the game; one will not even sweat or feel thrilled on playing. But there are also some crazy monkey games that are exciting to play with like catching monkey. There are many crazy monkey games online, which can be played through using the arrow keys.

 The graphic designs are very simple and not very high tech but they will do for kids who love monkeys and playing online games. The face of the monkeys is not even hilarious like the way we picture them always.  Bananas are the usual motivation to keep on winning and raise your level in these crazy monkey games. Some of the crazy monkey games online are the Monkey Cliff Diving, Monkey Keepy Up, Spank the Crazy Monkey and many more.

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Wool Dog Sweaters »

Weather can be harmful to pets, though they can live without dog clothes they really have to wear one. On hot weather they can be trendy with thin, fashionable clothes while during cold weather, wearing sweater is definitely a must. The best material for dog sweater is wool. Wool material makes pet warm and comfortable during cold weathers. Wool blends well with any colors and is long lasting.

Many wool dog sweaters are hand made and available in varieties of style and color. Dog sweaters can be easily worn by dogs because they are usually are pullover style with ribbed cuffs and turtle neck collars. Any style can be place in wool dog sweaters, combinations of bright colors or it has a picture; wools are just flexible. Though many dog sweaters has wool as its material yet it has different ways of washing it. Make sure that you read the instruction on washing your dog sweater; some may be hand wash or dried wash. Proper washing of dog sweater can make it last long.


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Measuring Puppy’s Size »

Shopping for puppy’s clothes online is very possible. The only thing that one needs to know is the size of the puppy. It is also important to know your puppy’s size because there are some pet boutiques that do not allow pets inside their store. The right size of the puppy is important in shopping for puppies’ clothes to ensure that you will not have trouble with returning the product and that you will get the right fit for your puppy.

To measure the size of the dog, use a soft tape measure. To measure the neck, place the tape measure around the neck. For the puppy’s body, measure the body that is behind the front legs. For the back, measure the length of the backbone. The back measurement is the size of the puppies’ clothes.

If the size of your dog is not correct, you will either get a loose or very fit puppy’s clothes, which will definitely not look good on your puppy. Get the right size; you will have good fit puppy clothes, which will make your pet feeling better. We ourselves don’t want to wear too fit or loose clothes.


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Low Price Pet Products Are At Pet Club Stores »

Pet Club has nine stores in California, whether you live in the area or near it dropping by these stores is an advantage. Pet Club stores are known for the very low price of pet products especially pet foods. It is most common that to be a member of a pet club one must pay a membership fee. But Pet Club stores require no membership fee in all their nine stores.

They have big warehouse full of pet supplies that varies from pet toys, treats and pet foods. Pet club stores are just simple, they are not trendy as many would want but their stores are every clean and sterile and what we really appreciate are the price of pet products they have. If you visit their site you can sign – up for the e-mail list and they will mail you when they have sales. Available on their site too are the coupons, which you can claim when you buy at their stores. Wow, definitely great, discount coupons over low price. Just prepare your cash or debit card since Pet Club stores do not accept credit card.

Here are the locations of Pet Club stores:
PET CLUB      
TEL:   (415) 927-2862

TEL:     (650) 358-0347

TEL:    (510) 887-0898

TEL:    (650) 988-1316

TEL:   (510) 595-7955

TEL:  (650) 583-2186

SAN JOSE, CA 95123
TEL:    (408) 363-6068

TEL: (916) 686-7808

TEL:      (707) 864-9688

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Pet Edge Company, Wholesales Pet Products »

 If you are the one shopping for your pet, you must be familiar with Pet Edge products. They do not retail, they wholesale pet supplies and pet products to retail pet stores. Pet Edge is a family owned company that do not make pet supplies and pet products originally. The company was a supplier of serums to local dairy farms and eventually expanded in producing pet products and then just focused on it.

 Pet Edge has a wide selection of over 12,000 quality pet products.  The supplies they make are grooming supplies, toys and treats. If you want to use their product you can buy at any pet store retail shop. Many groomers, trainers, breeders and veterinarians use their products. The company has no store that caters to pet owners because they wholesale pet products to retailers and other pet professionals. If you are a pet owner and wants to use their products, go to your favorite pet store anywhere and they have Pet Edge products. If you have a pet store, or you’re a breeder, groomer, veterinarian Pet Edge give discounts so you can sell their products at low price. If you are interesed in doing business with them, visit their site at

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Weiner Dog Racing »

Weiner is an American slang for Dachshund; they are also called Dachsel, Dackel, Teckel, Badger dog while other countries have different slang names for Dachshund too. Weiner dogs are not only good companions they are very hyper, love to run very fast and enjoy exercise. They also love to be part of sport and just show off. That’s why Weiner dog racing was made.

Weiner dog race have lengths of 50 meters. To start with, the Weiner dogs are placed in a box. And the box opened at the signal of the referee and the race begins. Some course are open while others separate the lanes to avoid the dogs going to other lanes. But an open lane is much fun, Weiner dogs getting out of its lane are hilarious and looking lost in the middle of the race and doing other things instead of running; unsure whether these pets will make it to the finish line.

Watching Weiner dog race is so fun, how much more if your doggie will be the one racing. It is just like watching your son play soccer or baseball, very exciting. Weiner dog racing is all rage and the feeling of exhilaration you get when your Weiner dog crosses the finish line; they are just so unexplainable. Whether a Weiner dog wins or not its owner will always be proud of his or her pet’s achievement in competing at a dog race like this.


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Funny Monkey Pictures »

Monkeys are one of the most recognizable animals in the world. A small child will easily recognize a monkey in the photo. They are so hilarious whether they are in real or in pictures. Monkeys are not even conscious if one will take a shot of them for photo. They will just stare or proceed with what they are doing. Monkey have different looks, making it a great idea of collecting pictures of different monkey breeds. But chimpz are the best when it comes to monkey pictures.

Monkey pictures can be entertaining whether they are in work or play. Nice monkey pictures are those monkeys with their families or babies or stolen moments doing their own activities. Monkey’s face are so funny whether their expression are sad or playful, they are just hilarious animals. Monkey pictures will always bring a smile to your face, making you forget your worries even for a while.


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