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Measuring Puppy’s Size »

Shopping for puppy’s clothes online is very possible. The only thing that one needs to know is the size of the puppy. It is also important to know your puppy’s size because there are some pet boutiques that do not allow pets inside their store. The right size of the puppy is important in shopping for puppies’ clothes to ensure that you will not have trouble with returning the product and that you will get the right fit for your puppy.

To measure the size of the dog, use a soft tape measure. To measure the neck, place the tape measure around the neck. For the puppy’s body, measure the body that is behind the front legs. For the back, measure the length of the backbone. The back measurement is the size of the puppies’ clothes.

If the size of your dog is not correct, you will either get a loose or very fit puppy’s clothes, which will definitely not look good on your puppy. Get the right size; you will have good fit puppy clothes, which will make your pet feeling better. We ourselves don’t want to wear too fit or loose clothes.


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Low Price Pet Products Are At Pet Club Stores »

Pet Club has nine stores in California, whether you live in the area or near it dropping by these stores is an advantage. Pet Club stores are known for the very low price of pet products especially pet foods. It is most common that to be a member of a pet club one must pay a membership fee. But Pet Club stores require no membership fee in all their nine stores.

They have big warehouse full of pet supplies that varies from pet toys, treats and pet foods. Pet club stores are just simple, they are not trendy as many would want but their stores are every clean and sterile and what we really appreciate are the price of pet products they have. If you visit their site you can sign – up for the e-mail list and they will mail you when they have sales. Available on their site too are the coupons, which you can claim when you buy at their stores. Wow, definitely great, discount coupons over low price. Just prepare your cash or debit card since Pet Club stores do not accept credit card.

Here are the locations of Pet Club stores:
PET CLUB      
TEL:   (415) 927-2862

TEL:     (650) 358-0347

TEL:    (510) 887-0898

TEL:    (650) 988-1316

TEL:   (510) 595-7955

TEL:  (650) 583-2186

SAN JOSE, CA 95123
TEL:    (408) 363-6068

TEL: (916) 686-7808

TEL:      (707) 864-9688

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Pet Edge Company, Wholesales Pet Products »

 If you are the one shopping for your pet, you must be familiar with Pet Edge products. They do not retail, they wholesale pet supplies and pet products to retail pet stores. Pet Edge is a family owned company that do not make pet supplies and pet products originally. The company was a supplier of serums to local dairy farms and eventually expanded in producing pet products and then just focused on it.

 Pet Edge has a wide selection of over 12,000 quality pet products.  The supplies they make are grooming supplies, toys and treats. If you want to use their product you can buy at any pet store retail shop. Many groomers, trainers, breeders and veterinarians use their products. The company has no store that caters to pet owners because they wholesale pet products to retailers and other pet professionals. If you are a pet owner and wants to use their products, go to your favorite pet store anywhere and they have Pet Edge products. If you have a pet store, or you’re a breeder, groomer, veterinarian Pet Edge give discounts so you can sell their products at low price. If you are interesed in doing business with them, visit their site at

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Weiner Dog Racing »

Weiner is an American slang for Dachshund; they are also called Dachsel, Dackel, Teckel, Badger dog while other countries have different slang names for Dachshund too. Weiner dogs are not only good companions they are very hyper, love to run very fast and enjoy exercise. They also love to be part of sport and just show off. That’s why Weiner dog racing was made.

Weiner dog race have lengths of 50 meters. To start with, the Weiner dogs are placed in a box. And the box opened at the signal of the referee and the race begins. Some course are open while others separate the lanes to avoid the dogs going to other lanes. But an open lane is much fun, Weiner dogs getting out of its lane are hilarious and looking lost in the middle of the race and doing other things instead of running; unsure whether these pets will make it to the finish line.

Watching Weiner dog race is so fun, how much more if your doggie will be the one racing. It is just like watching your son play soccer or baseball, very exciting. Weiner dog racing is all rage and the feeling of exhilaration you get when your Weiner dog crosses the finish line; they are just so unexplainable. Whether a Weiner dog wins or not its owner will always be proud of his or her pet’s achievement in competing at a dog race like this.


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Funny Monkey Pictures »

Monkeys are one of the most recognizable animals in the world. A small child will easily recognize a monkey in the photo. They are so hilarious whether they are in real or in pictures. Monkeys are not even conscious if one will take a shot of them for photo. They will just stare or proceed with what they are doing. Monkey have different looks, making it a great idea of collecting pictures of different monkey breeds. But chimpz are the best when it comes to monkey pictures.

Monkey pictures can be entertaining whether they are in work or play. Nice monkey pictures are those monkeys with their families or babies or stolen moments doing their own activities. Monkey’s face are so funny whether their expression are sad or playful, they are just hilarious animals. Monkey pictures will always bring a smile to your face, making you forget your worries even for a while.


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Bake-It-Yourself Dog Treats »

Love to spoil your dog? Dog treats are great treats for your dog whether it is their birthday or just a reward for being well behaved; dogs just love treats. Dog treats need not be expensive though there are many dog treats in dog bakery but it is much better to made dog treats at your home. There are many available recipe in the web, just brose over them and choose the dog treat that your dog will like and is healthy for your pet. Making a home made dog treats is a fun way to spend time with your children and also make special dog treats for your dog. Children will definitely love preparing something for pets.

Here’s a homemade dog treat I saw at
Classic Canine Cookies


4 cups whole wheat flour
1/4 cup cornmeal
1/4 cup cooked rice
1 egg
2 Tbsp. vegetable oil
Juice from a small orange
1 2/3 cup water

Mix all ingredients together well. Turn out onto a lightly floured surface and knead. Roll out dough to about 1/8 inch thickness and cut out desired shapes… doggy bones, paws, balls, etc… have fun!
Dipping Sauce:
3 cups vanilla chips
1 Tbsp. spinach powder
1 tsp. garlic powder
1 tsp. vegetable oil
3 cups carob chips
1 tsp. vegetable oil
1 tsp. turmeric powder
Melt chips in a double boiler or microwave. Add oils and seasonings. Dip tips of cookies, when cooled, into desired sauce and place on a pan lined with wax paper until set.
Makes 12 pieces


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Training Lab Puppies »

The Labrador retriever or lab puppies are one of the most wanted dog pet. They are known around the world as accommodating, well tempered, loyal, dedicated and loving companion to the family and are very child friendly. Labradors were used before as fishing dogs and then as hunting dogs but they are best as family pets. The usual colors of lab puppies are black, yellow and chocolate. For lab puppies to grow well behave they should be trained while they are still young.

The first thing that lab puppies should learn is to sit on command. Lab puppies can also learn to shake paws and to fetch and use his nose to find things. If its pet owner will train lab puppies, the family should be together in doing it. The family members should be consistent with their rules or the lab puppy will be confused. Lab puppies are excited to learn, and sometimes they can play too much. But disciplining them must be done in a gentle way or else they will be aggressive. A well – trained lab puppy will make a good and lasting relationship with the family especially with the children.


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The Truth About Snakes »

You may or may not believe this but not all snakes are harmful. There are 2,900 species of snakes around the world except in Antartica and only 375 of them are harmful or those who have venoms or poisons that can kill us. Snakes prefer to draw back than be aggresive unless they are provoked or hurt they will fight. Snakes will not hurt humans, with the exception of anacondas, I suppose. But those pythons and small snakes will never attempt to hurt humans, obviously because we are much bigger than them. Snakes that has no venom uses their teeth to grasp their prey but those who have venoms really have the intention of killing their prey.

Our misconception have been caused by snakes features. Their eyes are really sharp but they actually cannot see from very far. But do you know that snakes eyes do not close? Yes they are always open; so do they sleep? Some snakes have clear sight while others do not. They uses their tongue to smell. That is correct. Snakes eat animals only by killing them first and then they swallow their prey and not bite them. They can eat animals that are even much bigger than them because their jaws are elastic. Their colorful skin is actually what mde them attractive to those who choose them to have pets. Snakes are frighting too because of the portrayals we see snakes have in media.

Many snakes species are now endangered. And one of the reason for this is many snakes are dying in the hands of humans. Most of us thought that snakes are always dangerous, they always have intention of hurting us. If you see snake in your area, don’t attempt to hurt them. Make 5 giants steps to back away and then run away, don’t hurt them. They are also creatures who have the right to live in this world too.


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Virtual Pets, Pets For Life »

It seems that every thing in this world is getting high – tech and virtual now, even pets can be virtual. Virtual pets are artificial pets for human companion or enjoyment. Virtual pets may range from dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, fish and many more. Virtual pets are different because they have no real physical form. A virtual pet owner has the goal of keeping his or her virtual pet alive for a long time. A virtual pet needs feeding, grooming and playing for it to grow.

Virtual pets are available on virtual pet sites, one just has to sign-up and you can get a virtual pet you want. Virtual pets are now evolving, they can now be personalize and shown in visual effects making the virtual pets look like real. Virtual pets though virtual needs responsibility in the part of the virtual pet owner. A virtual pet will die if not taken care. Taking care of virtual pets will never be that rewarding as to having the real pet.


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Desert Animals Survival »

Deserts are regions with very little rainfall and extreme temperatures either hot or cold. Desert has no many plants and animals compared to normal areas yet this is the home of many reptiles, insects, birds and small mammals. Many large animals were not able to survive in the desert life. Thus, these desert animals have found ways to survive with the lack of water, extreme temperatures and with the desert environment and shortage of food.

Many desert animals do not hunt for food in the day staying all day under the land where they made a hole while some just stay in the shade. At night, desert animals go out and hunt for food. This is the way to fight the very hot temperature of the desert. Some desert animals do not need water often because water is already in the food they eat like seeds, insects and bulbs. Their body features are really made to survive the desert condition but there are some desert animals that are becoming endangered species. Many desert animals as they grow old can no longer fight the extreme temperature of the desert.


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